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Last night I had the incredible fortune of watching the northern lights out of the window of the plane as we flew over Greenland at 31,000 feet. When I happened to glance out the window as I struggled to sleep, to my amazement, I saw the incredible flickering green light dancing across the sky. For about 45 minutes I sat mesmerized with my head pressed against the window. A couple of times I glanced around the plane to see if anyone else had noticed nature’s light show, but everyone seemed to be asleep or glued to a screen. The lights faded into the distance and I settled back in my seat, the sleep that I was hoping for did eventually settle in, but not before I had time to ponder the lights.

I sat there, glowing from the experience, and at the same time was sad that those around me had not been as fortunate as I. Nothing prohibited others from seeing what I had seen, yet they hadn’t. The experience passed them by. A strong sense of gratitude filled my being. Gratitude for the experience with the lights, gratitude for opportunities to travel and see the world, gratitude for life. I thought of all those who support me as I chase dreams around the planet. The cornerstone of that gratitude rests on my wife, Tanae. I know of no other woman as amazing as she is. She supports my training and ambition, she put me through school, she tends to the needs of our children, and she puts up with me. I am so fortunate to have her in my life.

There are so many others in my life that make possible what I do: my parents, friends, family, and the companies that believe in me. I sit typing these words in the Amsterdam airport, en route to Scotland for another Skyrunning race and I can’t help but smile. Thank you to those who support, love, and help me to continue living the dream. Please take a minute to put down the screen, look out the window, and look at how amazing your life is . Don’t let the lights pass you by.