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Lessons in Gratitude 

I wrote a little about gratitude and a fastest known time in the high Uintahs. Check it here:
Chasing Big Wray

Chasing Big Wray

It was October, an overcast morning, and I was running as hard as I could up the Valve House trail. I was chasing one runner, Big Wray Landon. Another couple of runners were hot on my heels, but Wray just kept pulling further and further ahead until I lost sight of...

Day 7/12: My Favorite Things

Day 7/12: I tried several times to get a picture of today’s favorite, but I failed. So instead of showing my Jaybird freedom earbuds, here is a nice picture of running in the desert. I regularly listen to music when I am training, wireless earbuds that stay in...

Day 6 of 12: My Favorite Things

Day 6/12: spending long days in mountains requires some good eyewear. Zeal Optics function perfectly, are made from materials that are kind to the planet, and they look dang good too! Right now my favorite pair of sunnies is probably the Ace. They are amazing...