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The farce that is balance

More than a decade ago I titled a blog, "the challenge of balance". I thought, at that time, that it was just a phase that made life so difficult to find equilibrium between work, family, recreation, and personal time. I had this utopian view that at some point, that...

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Mother’s Day Ode to my Partner

Mother’s Day Ode to my Partner

This photo could speak volumes for me. The amazing woman in this picture is Tanae Nelson, and we got married almost 16 years ago. In those nearly 16 years we have had crazy adventures to South America and Europe. We spent countless nights sleeping on the ground, in...

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Everyday Kit

I run nearly every day. This gives me ample opportunity to dial in what works and what doesn't. Here are the things use just about every time I go for a run: These days I am running in one of two pairs of LaSportiva shoes for daily runs, the Lycan or the Akasha. Over...

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