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Photo Credit: Fred Marmsater

12 days of Christmas 

I have been thinking for a long time about how I could share my appreciation to the companies that support my running. Today I decided that sharing a 12 days of Christmas gift ideas would be a way to thank them and help our friends and family with some holiday...

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Last night I had the incredible fortune of watching the northern lights out of the window of the plane as we flew over Greenland at 31,000 feet. When I happened to glance out the window as I struggled to sleep, to my amazement, I saw the incredible flickering green...

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In the Midst of It

Several months of very focused training and preparation, weeks spent preparing the body, thousands of miles of running, and now I find myself in the midst of it; race season. I started working towards these events in October, but the preparation is made up of years of...

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