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Jaybird Earth day Video

I am fortunate to work with amazing companies. Often this relationship is referred to as sponsorship, but I do not think that is an accurate depiction of what we have in place. Sponsorship is too one sided. The companies I work with are my business partners. They...

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Trying to Catch Up – Discrete Cirque Series Snowbird

Trying to Catch Up – Discrete Cirque Series Snowbird

It is near the end of November and I am barely getting around to updating the website about this race. I jumped in to the Cirque Series race in August as a chance to put in a hard effort, with lots of vertical as a final preparation for Nolan's 14. I knew the race...

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Bear 100 Video

At the end of September I ran the Bear 100. It was only four weeks after completing Nolan's and frankly I was still wrecked. My training had consisted primarily of recovering from the monster effort at the first of the month, and I had only run 18 miles the entire...

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