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Stories of Luke Nelson: ultra runner, husband, father, and physician assistant

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I have an incredible talent for biting off more than I can chew, hence the current status of my life.


I am very fortunate to work very closely with companies that I fully support and believe in.


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About Me

My entire life I have been drawn to the mountains. Over the years I have found many different ways to enjoy wild places.  Trail running is the method that I have found the most appealing to me as a way to explore the world and to challenge my body.

I have an incredible talent for biting off more than I can chew, hence the current status of my life: Husband to a stunningly beautiful woman, Tanae; father to three amazing kids, Brynlee, Chloe, and Anders; Professional Trail and Ultramarathon runner, and a Physician Assistant. All of this rolls in to a complicated challenge of balancing all the aspects in my life while maintaining my sanity…but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

This site is a place where I intend on documenting my journey and the struggle it is of maintaining balance in a life that requires so much. I hope you enjoy your time here and if you would like to see or hear more, or something specific don’t hesitate to contact me.


My Adventures

Going South- Part 2

I finished an amazing run up to Angel's Landing to be greeted by three kids on a tail gate eating oatmeal. Normally, they would still be sleeping, but today they were excited to get on to the next leg of the journey. They work early and started packing so that we...

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Going South- Part 1

Spring in Idaho is variable. After cold, snowy winters it is common to have glimpses of the sun, rain, snow, hot, and cold, and sometime all in one day. Don't get me wrong, I love the variety of Idaho weather, but sometimes I just want to be warm and to be able to run...

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The Smell of the Weekend

Weekends are busy times. With the demands of work, family, training and various other responsibilities there is often little time in the week to adventure. Hence the time old tradition of packing as much as possible into a weekend. When I left home on Friday morning,...

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