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5 days to go until the Pocatello 50 takes its maiden voyage. I ran pain free today, seems as though I finally have the hamstring under control… and I am stoked. A lot of training and focus has gone into getting ready for this race. Word is that there is going to be some sections of snow on the course, but that is to be expected for a trail race in Idaho this early in the year. Even though there will be some snow there is going to be a ton of beautiful single track and amazingly green southeast Idaho landscape. The race directors have put in a ton of work and are going to put on a fantastic event. I have put quite a bit of pressure on myself for this race, given that it is in my backyard and all, but from here on out it is what it is. What I mean by that is I have to run my own race from the beginning; I asked an ultra runner whom I have a ton of respect for for any advice and he replied “be patient and fuel often”. I am taking that to heart, I know this course better than any other set of trails out there, I have the home court advantage. In the end the trail will decide who will have a great day. I have made my deposit in the bank of training and all I can do is trust in that work and enjoy the run, after all it is my first 50 mile race ever. I am so excited to meet all of the runners who are coming in from all over the US. If you are still debating whether to sign up or not there is only one more day to register ( )…. the weather is going to be great, the field deep and the trails glorious. I hope to see you there!