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I love summer! I thought that I might just leave this post as a one liner, then thought I better elaborate a little. I love summer because I love barbecuing with friends and family after long runs. I love summer because the days are long, which means I still get to run during the daylight even when school is going full throttle. I don’t feel so much like a nocturnal runner. I love summer because the trails are good and the ones in the high country around Pocatello are clear of snow and totally runnable. I love summer because I love running, for a good majority of my life I just wanted summer to get out of town and winter to get here so I could ski, since my complete conversion to running I have found a passion for the dry, sunny time that is summer.

Some of the prime high country single track of Pocatello

I have finally gotten back into the groove with my training, running injury free for over two weeks now. It feels so good to be hitting training goals and running strong and free. Yesterday we had our second group trail run here in Pocatello and a group of us enjoyed warm temps and an outstanding 5 miles of singletrack together. If you are reading this and would like to come, we meet every Tuesday (from here on out) at 6:15 at Scotts Ski and Sports in Pocatello- we would love to have you! Now you should probably turn off you computer and go enjoy summer!