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I have to admit that I have been down right awful in meeting my goal of updating this blog more regularly. Life seems to have accelerated around our home, between a heavy dose of school, big mileage training weeks and everything that is going on with family we have been running down right ragged. I decided to add some video from last weeks long run (that ended up being not so long because of my daughter’s 3rd birthday party). The loop consisted of running nearly all of the western skyline visible from downtown Pocatello. The weather was pretty variable as well as the conditions, but all in all I was very happy with how the run went and how I felt the whole time. If you are interested in the loop that I put together don’t hesitate to comment below maybe we can get out an run it together!

The first video is at the summit of Kinport mountain above Pocatello, about 6 miles and 2000′ of climbing into the run.

Pocatello Western Skyline Run -1 from Luke Nelson on Vimeo.

This video is roughly half way through the run after about 4000′ of climbing and running an awesome ridge line.

Pocatello Western Skyline Run -2 from Luke Nelson on Vimeo.

End of the run total of 26 miles and 5600′ of climb and about the same of descent.
We had an awesome birthday party later that afternoon after the run!
On a side note I am very happy with how my training has been going up to this point in the year, especially considering a missed most of January due to my achilles injury. Summary of training up through May 1st:
Total Miles 1001.5
Total Ascent 151,000′
April Totals:
Miles 395
Ascent 63,000′