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Myself, Krissy Moehl and Jeff Browning in Patagonia

Myself, Krissy Moehl and Jeff Browning in Patagonia

This past November, Jeff Browning, Krissy Moehl and I ran over 100 miles through the future Patagonia National Park in Aysen, Chile. For two days we ran up and over mountains, through windy grassland valleys, and across rivers of cold glacial run-off. Our carefully mapped route was the first long-distance trail run in the park, comprised of a combination of trails, meandering guanacos paths, gravel roads, and bushwhacking. Running is the purest way to see a landscape – when the wind is in your face and the rain is pounding on your back, that’s when you fall in love.


The running in the Park was the easy part. There is still a lot that needs to be done. Specifically we are trying to raise money to help complete the trail system in the park and I want to ask you all to join my CrowdRise Fundraising Team to help us create 50 miles of new trail in Patagonia National Park. Joining the team is quick and easy—below are the steps to get started.


Join My Team

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  4. Click the orange Donate to this Fundraiser button. Then, share your page with friends and family via email and social media to help spread the word

We ran not only to experience the beauty of park, but also to bring awareness to the Patagonia Park project. When it is complete, the future Patagonia National Park will protect 640,000 acres of land forever. By running these spectacular 106-miles, we felt connected to something bigger—This connection with nature is a powerful, invaluable feeling that we hope to share with others.

Together we are doing our part to contribute to the park project by raising funds to create 50 miles of new trail in Patagonia Park so that others can experience this landscape as we have. Join my Crowdrise team to help us reach our goal of $42,500, which will be matched by Patagonia, Inc, Mile for Mile.

Thank you for following my journey and for your support in this important conservation effort. So many times in environmental activism we don’t win the fight, and here, they are.

“Whoever you are, wherever your interest lies, whatever you’ve fallen in love with—you get out of bed every morning and you do something. You act. You step into the fray, and you fight for a human society that is in balance with the natural world.”

– Kris Tompkins, Mile for Mile