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Day 7/12: I tried several times to get a picture of today’s favorite, but I failed. So instead of showing my Jaybird freedom earbuds, here is a nice picture of running in the desert. I regularly listen to music when I am training, wireless earbuds that stay in place and are comfortable are awesome. The Freedoms are worth checking out for sure.

I have tried dozens of headphones, most of which wouldn’t stay in my ears when running. Through an interesting series of events I was able to try out a pair of the Jaybird Headphones. It took some tweaking, but once I dialed in the fit (over-the-ear, with wings) I was hooked. I didn’t think that a wire bothered me too much, but when I cut the cord and it worked, WOW! It was a major improvement.

If you are looking for gifts for loved ones, particularly those who enjoy music and exercise, check these out.