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Oops, I missed posting yesterday. Day 2/12 I mentioned my appreciation for Black Diamond Headlamps. I often run early in the morning or late at night and these lights are critical. I have a bit of a quiver that I use. The specific light depends a little on what or where I am running, how long I’ll be out, and how much light I’ll need. My three favorites are:

The IotaThis is a tiny headlamp that packs a ton of light. I love keeping this in my pack for long days, you know, just in case. I also use it when I need a light for the first part of a run, but not the whole thing. Finally, it is my go to light to use as mandatory gear in races that require a light be carried.

The SprinterThis light is the big brother to the Iota. This light had a little larger battery and a blinky red light on the back. I love this one for urban runs, or when I need light for longer. It is rechargeable which is rad since it gets a ton os use.

The Icon: This is the light when the run goes all night or I need to see very clearly and well ahead. My go to light for hundred milers, technical runs and beyond. I have a customized version of the Polar which brings the battery off of the head. The light burns bright and long.


Day 3 favorite thing is the Patagonia Houdini. This is one of the most loved and used pieces of gear I own. The Houdini has long been a staple in my running and I rarely leave home with out it. It weighs only a few ounces, stuffs smaller than my fist, and is just enough protection to get you out of the mountains when the weather goes south. You can get more information about the Houdini by heading over to (There is even a video of my talking about my favorite jacket there).